Dasmesh College of Physiotherapy, Faridkot Punjab. Affiliated with BFUHS, Faridkot Recognized by Punjab government.

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Out Patient Department (OPDs)

  • Electrotherapy OPD

This department basically deals with the electric modalities used for treatment and education purpose. Dasmesh’s electrotherapy OPD has the following basic and advanced level of electric modalities:

  1. TENS
  2. IFT
  3. Traction
  4. LASER
  5. Ultrasonic therapy
  6. Cryotherapy
  7. Shortwave diathermy
  8. Microwave diathermy
  9. IRR
  10. UVR
  11. Muscle and nerve stimulator
  12. Contrast bath
  13. Hydrocollator

Exercisetherapy OPD: This area encompasses the modalities and the equipments used for evaluative, treatment and education purposes.

Following are the equipments used in exercise OPD:

  1. Parallel bar
  2. Shoulder wheel and wall ladder
  3. Quadriceps chair
  4. Suspension table
  5. Tilt table
  6. Weightcuffs
  7. Thera bands
  8. Whirpool tub
  9. Balance board
  10. Ankle foot exerciser
  11. Ramps and stair case
  12. Static cycle
  13. Walking aids
  14. Gymnasium unit
  15. Locomotion training equipments
  • Pediatric OPD: this area encompasses the equipments used for the treatment and evaluation of the pediatric disabilities and diseases. Dasmesh holds a good equipment facility for this area:
  1. CP Chair
  2. Toys
  3. Peg Boards
  4. Sensory integration Kit
  5. Swiss Ball
  6. Yoga Mats
  7. Splints and Braces